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Fast Cheap & Viral

‘With actionable insights drawn from his extensive personal experience, Chopra gives readers a blueprint for getting results.’

Nir Eyal, Best-selling author of Hooked and Indistractable

‘A master storyteller. In one word, he was born to be viral.

– Rameet Arora, COO (Digital Business), Hindustan Times

‘Brilliant perspective, thought-provoking episodes, an easy read and yes, the icing of humour – this book will be the next chartbuster!’

– Hitesh Malhotra, CMO, Nykaa

‘If you care about marketing, your brand should be powered with content, and Aashish is the person you’d want on your side and not your competition.’

– Deepali Naair, Director – Marketing- India & South Asia, IBM

 Viral marketing should not be a happy accident

Aashish Chopra’s first viral video was shot with close to no budget and sparing equipment. Today, his content has over 350 million views and industry masters universally agree that he has cracked the viral code.

In Fast, Cheap and Viral, the ace marketer shares the secrets behind his success – all of them learnt and honed on his path to success. This one-stop super-guide to viral video marketing gives you the low-down on:

  • How to grab eyeballs in a sea of content
  • WTF is share-worthy content and how to pick topics
  • How to drive engagement – views can be bought, but engagement is earned
  • Why storytelling beats production value – behind the scenes
  • How to build our personal brand, and kill job insecurity

For every student, entrepreneur, blogger, marketing manager or leader who dreams of reaching millions on a shoestring budget. This book is the ultimate guide to sustainable viral success.

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