Viral Videos – 410 Million Views & Growing!

Hi, My name is Aashish Chopra and this is my work :)

Flight Etiquette – What not to do in a flight! Million in a day! :)

After the crazy success of Hotel etiquette video, got a lot of requests to make on for flights. Shot in a studio in Mumbai (a first), with in-house talent and team, this shot to the first million in 24 hours, with crazy engagement on Instagram as well.

First In-House Produced RAP Song – Train Mein Swag

Ten days of tireless execution, 100% in-house production. Super proud of the team for writing, song recording, music arrangement, shooting on four train trips, editing and distribution! What started as a song, became an anthem. Hit 1.2M on YouTube, 500K on Facebook and 44K likes and 10K bookmarks on Instagram and written about with biggest brands in India, only difference – we made it in-house and low budget. Update: Written about on AdGully, Hindu Business, Social Samosa,  Exchange4Media and more.

Valentine’s Day Magic – My First Time

100% In-House Production, including actors from across teams. Super fast execution. Killer engagement on Instagram

30,000 comments in 3 days. Engagement is earned, views can be bought!

We did a meme two years back, which reached 20 million news-feeds. This one was re-imagining it in conversations. Hit 1.2M views on Facebook, incredible numbers on Instagram, but more importantly drove crazy engagement, 30K comments and 8K shares in first few days. Built on best practices learnt from previous experiments, time to scale it up in subsequent videos :)

Viral Globally, Played on Whoopy Goldberg Show in the US!

This one picked up in few hours, with a million views on Facebook and crazy engagement on LinkedIn (about how Storytelling Beats Production Value); Made on a budget of Rs. 7000, this went Viral globally after few months, playing on Indian TV shows and then on Whoopy Goldberg’s TV show in the US! Mind Blown! :) Oh and it won some awards too.

3.3 Million Views On Mothers Day, Plus The Power of Hindi Content

Released just before Mother’s Day, this one hit the first million in 20 hours. We experimented with two versions and the Hindi version kicked English’s ass in engagement! 2M on Hindi and 1.3M on English with reactions, comments and shares through the roof for Hindi. Oh and 175K views on Instagram and shared crazy on Whatsapp . Hindi content is exploding in news-feeds in India! :)

Shudh Desi Content – 3 Million Views

शुध देसी कांटेंट! The biggest trend in marketing in India: Hindi Content. This is the first episode of a 100 video experiment series. 3 Million views and 10k shares on Facebook. Made for भारत! Starting a new era in making share-worthy videos for the heartland.

3 Million Real Views For a Fake Product – Fool’s Day

Released 3 days before April 1st, this hit a million views and 10,000 shares in first 24 hours. By the end of the week, it had 3 million views on Facebook with 25,000 shares, 300K on YouTube, incredible engagement on Twitter. Covered by NextBigWhat, TravelBizMonitor, Inc42, SocialSamosa and some hilarious spin-off videos many made on YouTube. It beat big budgets with kickass execution, ridiculously low budget and a solid idea.

Conversations, Not Just Campaigns – 1.6 Million Views in a day

Released on Women’s Day, this video was made 100% in-house with support from all the women in the office. With-in a day it hit a 1.6 million views, with 20,000 shares on Facebook, Trended #2 on Twitter, 66,000 likes on Instagram (grew follower base by 20x), Shared by celebrities and sportswomen. Covered by Live Mint, got coverage in Hindi , and many more. Plus an in-depth article on Medium. But the real success was thousands of heart-warming (and some heart-wrenching) comments about real issues spread across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & WhatsApp. Update: The video made it to ‘videos with highest engagement‘ in india that week, beating big budgets with 100% in-house execution :)

Most Heartwarming 15 Million Views!

Released two days before the Republic Day, this one went from zero to 5 million views in 4 days. From a video, it became a phenomenal conversation starter. Driving thousands of heartwarming comments and messages. Currently at 15 million views on ixigo’s Facebook page with 100k shares, 500k on YouTube, Trended on Twitter, Shared by the Indian Railway minister (Twitter & Facebook) and Indian Ministry of Railways and posted by The Logical Indian, Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom Films, all organic. It became the video with highest engagement on Facebook that week, beating all big brands with crazy budgets. BrandEquity featured it among top un-skippable videos of January 2018, Covered in the news here, here, here, here and many more, also countless stories from Whatsapp. Incredible Teamwork! From writing, shooting, editing to acting.. all done in-house. Except the celebrity voiceover :)

Cracking Live Videos – 100,000 comments

FB live video embeds aren’t working check the link below

The live video experiment, got 100k comments in four live video experiments. Take a look. Blog post about learnings and insights coming shortly..

The 20 Million Views Experiment!

After the success of ‘How to speak Hyderabadi‘, this one started slow but picked up in 6 hours and became the video with highest engagement in India that week. 5 million views, over 100k shares and 45,000 comments.. all organic. By the end of the week, it had reached 14 million news-feeds! It also bumped up a previous Goa food video, which Goa Tourism (official) shared :). UPDATE: Made 8 back to back videos on same format, totally 20 million views!

Million Views with 70% increase in revenue!

Our first food video, Ibis opened up a new hotel in Hyderabad and this was about their awesome in-house restaurant. The video hit a million views in 3 days here, here and here combined. UPDATE: The video was shared by 5400 people locally in Hyderabad, and the restaurant walk-in revenue increased by 70%, as learnt from their data :)))

Dancing Away To a Million!

Ibis Hotels opened up a new hotel in Kochi, and this is what we did. The video hit a respectable million here and here combined. Was an incredible experience making this happen, from learning nuances of Kathakali dance to researching flight safety demos :)

10 million reach, 3 million views, 60k shares in 3 days! All Organic

Ibis Hotels opened up a new hotel in Hyderabad, and this is what we did. The video hit a million views in 24 hours and within 3 days, it had hit 2 million views, crossed 40,000 shares and reached 10 million news-feeds. It was shared by a Hyderabadi page which got additional 1 million views and 23,000 shares. All Organic, with zero boost dollars in first 3 days! Made it to Facebook’s top 20, This story is still developing..  :)

Million in a week, Plus my acting debut

So Ibis Hotels India asked us to make a video about their new hotel in Goa. The challenge was to figure out a way to celebrate an overly celebrated destination. The video climbed fast both on ixigo and Ibis Facebook pages and hit a decent million in a week (aggregate) :)

7 Million in 7 Days! With Killer ROI

Continued the experimentation with video listicles, made native for Facebook. This one hit 7 million views in 7 days, but more importantly got 150k shares (the magical metric for viral videos) 270k likes and 25k comments. To top it, it sky-rocketed app installs for ixigo, again :)

16 Million Views And Growing! The Second Best in Numbers

Continued the learning and implementing best practices on this one. This made ixigo’s Facebook page hit a million fans, was shared by 225k people, accelerated app installs and hit a reach of 35 million news-feeds in 5 days!

The one that smashed benchmarks! Reached 205 million news-feeds, 60 million views and a 1.5 million shares!

This one went crazy on Facebook, reached 205 million news-feeds, 60 million views, more than a 1.5 million shares, added 400,000 new Facebook fans, sky-rocketed iOS and Android app downloads for ixigo and made the Facebook page to the fastest growing in India. All organic! Also covered by Gizmodo (“Travel video that broke the internet”) and Tnooz (“ixigo proves Facebook is the place for video marketing”) and Viral Shots. UPDATE: Story on the learnings of this video on Social Samosa , Digital Defynd, Rodinhoods and went crazy on LinkedIn. UPDATE: Got shortlisted for DMAI Asia award :)

Inside the bag of an Indian student going abroad – 5 million views & ft. on NDTV

Released this video on a Wednesday, and by Friday it had amassed half a million views on Facebook! Featured on NDTV and broke first day records of all previous videos. Here’s the first day story, the YouTube version is also being embedded crazy all over! UPDATE: Hit the magical million number in 7 days :) Update: 5 million views

Most Shared Brand Facebook Post in Asia (Campaign Asia) – 7 Million Views, 3.5 Lakh Shares, 2 Awards!

This is where Facebook emerged as the game changer for Video marketing. This one, made for ixigo, hit 4 million views in a month, accumulated 3.5 lakh+ shares on Facebook in 6 months. Got it’s own case study about how we got phenomenal numbers on a shoestring. It won the award for Marketing Innovation, was also nominated for Best Viral Marketing Campaign (India Digital Awards) and Nokia also partnered for a co-branded version. Topicality wasn’t enough for video success, it had to be share-worthy and provide value to the ones watching. Update: Campaign Asia featured it as most shared brand Facebook post in Asia! WooHoo!

Hotel Hacks – 30 million views and counting!

The ixigo video got 850k views on Facebook, and went crazy on WhatsApp. With no way to measure the views on WhatsApp, got countless stories of friends of friends sharing this across the world on WhatsApp. It also got featured on popular blogs around the world like Design Taxi, Bustle, BrainStorm9 and few more. Also a featured post I couldn’t read without a Chinese translator :) UPDATE:  It got 3.5 million views when a Chinese Radio Channel posted it! Check here, Whoa! ANOTHER Update: Just found that another Facebook page by the name TintoMon posted this and got 13 million views! Whoa! Check here; Yet Another Update: A Radio station’s Facebook page posted this and got 10 million views! Check here

India’s Got Swag – Republic Day News-jack

Released a few days before India’s Republic day, this one hit a million views in 3 days with 30,000 shares. Here’s the video on Facebook. Featured by Playtform, Logical Indian and shared by many Indian Facebook pages :)

Diwali News-jack – Gifts We Hate

This one’s for family. SIL started a new French Macarons business, made this just before Diwali, in the meaty part of the gifting season. Not exactly a viral by millions, but had the same DNA :) Got featured on Digital Defynd (best campaigns on Diwali by a startup) and Best Diwali campaigns of 2015.

Visa Free Travel – 3 million views

The ixigo video got 250k views on Facebook, another 250k when a famous politician shared it. Adding a ‘Call to Action’ button on the video got us 6% CTR, app downloads jumped. A user downloaded it and posted it on his Facebook page, which got another 2.8 million views! “Shares” became the new currency for content marketing. It had to be share-worthy!

Fool’s Day Viral  – RickAir

The Fool’s day prank video for Cleverly named Rick-Air, the executive class experience in Auto Rickshaws. Being topical, it went viral for 2 days. From an Idea to making news, all in a week. It was featured on Storypick, Travel Daily Media,  India Business Blog and few others. If we can make it “news-worthy”, it could be a hit!

Fool’s Day Viral  – ixigo glass

Pranks on Fool’s day is almost a tradition now, but ixigo glass became so big and went so far, it blew our mind. Crazy blogger reviews, news articles, Facebook engagement! Executed in-house, with a solid script and acting by the founders :)

Fool’s Day Viral – Loo Finder App

The fool’s day video about a fake ‘Loo-Finder’ app. Featured on YourStoryNext Big What, Mentioned in a post on AFaqs and MySmartPrice. Read blog post

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